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If asked to describe it in a sentence, I would go with: A rollercoaster inside of a maze that just went down. The only way some of us losers survived is living day-to-day, begging for life to make sense. Shout outs to all you positive energy bunnies, going into the New Year with happy hearts and a positive year to boast about, congratulations to you. Sincerely, my congratulations, with no sarcasm or jealousy (maybe a little). All of us disaster klutz have barely survived, and I swear I had a maniacal gleam in my eyes that scared my dog, as I sat cuddled with her in my blanket watching the timer as 2016 faded right in front of my eyes.Had this year been my birthday party, I would have fallen flat on my face on the cake! To let you in on a secret, I did fall flat on a birthday cake. It wasn’t mine though (phew!), but my 6 year old niece’s. See! I ruined my reputation and her birthday; that is how bad 2016 has been.

What actually makes me laugh is my first 2016 post on Instagram had been- “Ready to hit the road”. Well, the road came up to hit me, I fell and stayed there. Brangelina broke up. Kim Kardhashian is leaving Kanye West. Closer home, Ranbir-Katrina break up, Karan Grover and Bipasha Basu ( yes I know they got married) also demonetisation which hit us out of nowhere, Rahul Gandhi mash-ups and the Baadshah raps.
Sure, there were good times. Kylie Jenner releasing new lip kits every season (heart eyes). Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna getting engaged and becoming parents (fine, I am obsessed). The world saw Zayn. The Victoria Secret show, every Cosmo article about how we should be prepared to please everyone and anyone. LGBT is illegal in USA (yayy!!). There are like a million more YouTubers to boast of. The condom challenge, which was so mature, it put Obama to shame. Finally, someone shamed Islam! And Donald Trump is PRESDENT. OF THE UNITED STATES.

Could it BE any better?

Let me think. Let me think. Let me think.
Well, we have movies like Shivaay to boast of, the hastag #Oscarsowhite to condemn. Taylor Swifts dating life to discuss and Salman Khan’s miraculous yet predictable escape from the clutches of what we call, the India Judicial System, or the body which serves ‘justice’ in India. I mean, come on! Nirbhaya’s child accused got a sewing machine and money when he was released. This year has some good in it. It is just your perspective. I almost forgot, the most important of it all, Leonardo Di Caprio won the Oscar. Finally.

Let me relieve you. Yes! It is sarcasm. It wasn’t meant to be a post highlighting the stupidest things which came to my mind, but this is how issues of importance are trivialized. And this is how significant 2016 has been. From seeing the fanaticism of one religious cult to the power of influence, from grazing the possibility of a third world war to the insensitivity regarding a child’s name, from intolerance to sheer uncultured behavior, 2016 has shown us all. And the torture lasted ½ a second more than expected.

There has been some good, issues of Women Empowerment, Equality and LGBT rights coming to light. Simon Biles inspiring millions of girls, the Giant Panda is no longer endangered, as always Beyonce (she is always lit), there is a new Harry Potter book and a movie (Eddie Redmayne *sigh*), Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in literature, and the pretty little girl came as a hot dog to a princess party. Also MEMES!!!! They were a rage. They are basically what helped us survive. The Game of Thrones, the game of the thrones, the game, the throne and the wait for the Game of Thrones. Sherlock’s new season.

For a year basically 2016 has been average ( and I am being generous when I say this). A little more of lows than the highs, but basically let us keep in mind that we have gained a year of experience, lessons, and people as we have been tried and tested and managed to survive it. Let us all look forward to a better 2017, with more lessons, laughter, maturity and love.

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  • January 6, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Snapshot of 2k16…Very well presented… Excellent work??

    • January 6, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      Thank you <3


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