Happy life tips (Make your life happier)

Happy life will even be happier read the tips for ”Happy life”

  1. Don’t think too much about your past:Let your mind not play any tricks on you about your past. Mind is something, which keeps thinking about the things, which have happened in the past, they may be worst or the best, but the reality is mind only keeps thinking about the worst ones mostly, hence why we forget everything else and stay stuck with our past. Yes it probably is hard to forget the past but not impossible to get your mind distracted with some things that may make you forget your past. The more you think about your past, the more complicated it will be for you to get over with it. Life is like this, what ever you seek for, you get it, if you seek for happiness then you will certainly find happiness in every little thing. We all know moving on from the past is little harder, but thinking over it frequently would make it even harder to forget it, so give your past a nice peace, seek for the reasons that make you happy. You know your past does not explain your future in any ways, but your actions and your beliefs in you do.
  2. Let others think what they think: Most of us now a days do not keep ourselves as open as we are, or sometimes people are reluctant of doing things, because they have this fear of ‘’what people will think’’, and this is why most of the people are not truly being what they are. You have got to know this that, whatever people think is none of your business, what you are doing is, what you should be doing, and that should only matter to you. Believe me once you begin to do things this way, without worrying what people say, you will see the true happiness of your life.
  1. You yourself is the happiness: Once you have known this simple fact that it is only you who can make your life happier than ever, then trust me that would be the day you will always be happy, because life is exactly what we make it as. Keep your mind away from the things that annoy you or make you unhappy. My basic mantra of staying happy is that; do not let any issue become an issue in your life, which does not deserve to be an issue in your life.
  1. Let time take some time, Time does heal everything:We all sometime end up getting stuck in a situation which takes time to get untangled, and at that vary moment we should give enough time to the time to mend the situation, because sometime it is better to rather give enough time to the situation than being worried over it. Old sayings do make a lot of sense, they say, ‘’ TIME HEALS ALMOST EVERYTHING’’ and trust me it does. When you give enough time to the situation, then it begins to get sorted out by itself, so why should you worry for it? Just leave it on time and time will mend it by itself.  And Hey!! Meanwhile you just show the time how strong you are to be happy in such an odd situation, and trust me time will begin to get jealous and will mend everything.
  1. Do not compare yourself: Do not ever compare yourself with others, because you do not know how their journey of life has been. You should just be in competition with yourself to make yourself better than yesterday, and when you begin doing that, no wonder the success and happiness will always be on your way.
  1. Say no to overthinking: Overthinking does not bring any answers to the questions; neither has it brought any answers to anyone. It is fine sometimes not to know the answers, and in fact, not every time there is an answer, neither are there going to be any answers for few questions. Sometime the only answer is ‘’Accept it’’and move on.
  1. Keep Smiling: One should keep smiling because they are not the reasons for all the problems in the world. A smile is the only thing that brightens the darkest day and makes a life even more beautiful. A smile is the most potential aspect that turns lives around and makes your day.


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