The Beauty Of Nature Mesmerises with its own Charm

Beauty of nature is really an eternal joy forever .When nature incarnate itself into real image , it is mighty ,mystique , real and stunning .It is one of the best creation of almighty without which world has no meaning and existence .The bilateral symmetry present in the giant stars to the small leaves of the trees attributes the aesthetic aspects of the enthralling nature . Infect the nature is a divine energy which govern the whole activities of the universe from thundering and lightning of clouds to the sunrise and the sunset .The scintillating stars and sun ,dancing daffodils , floating clouds , shimmering waterfalls , , sleeping oceans , sensuous sea and beach , mighty mountain and playful flora and fauna brings the eternal joy to the soul and brims the heart and mind with imagination , romance and novelty.

The pursuit of happiness and wisdom gets complete in the captivating surrounding of the nature .The nature is the best teacher of the mankind, inspiring generations and the generations from long lasting history .The mighty mountain such as Rocky , Andes , Ural and Atlas remains firm and stand strong in the adverse conditions such as storms , mist and rain .The birds flying in the vast sky have no limit of the boundaries and barriers .How easily and freely the humming bird flies in the backward direction , dazzles the vision of sky watchers .Without taking possession of the sky the Asiatic Hawks ,Osprey ,Pelican and other migratory birds makes their way to northern India for a period of 4-6 months. The nature never stores anything for itself since every possession of nature is treasure to mankind. The colourful and scrumptious fruits and vegetables gets reap by the process of light transfer radiation so called photosynthesis.

Everything is in the perfect balance in the nature .The food chain makes the perfect harmony among the producers , consumers and decomposers .The sequence transfer of energy and and matter through the ecosystems consists of food chains and food webs .The sun , the autotrophs or producers , the consumers or heterotrophs and the decomposer are the important part of this energy flow. Similarly beauty of balancing lies in the water cycle , oxygen cycle and nitrogen cycle .The water from the sea and the oceans evaporates in the atmosphere and get condensed to form the clouds and hence get back when become light , in the form of gentle drops of drizzle.

Nature is valuable gift of god to the mankind and it is omnipresent .The ubiquitous and unkempt beauty of nature can be seen in the Great Barrier Reef ,the Nigeria Falls , the Amazon Forest , the Savanna Grassland , the Great Himalaya and the long lists of compelling and captivating creation of the nature .But the climate change , deforestation , pollution and the global warming have cause the wreaking havoc to the existence of nature .The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate , which in turn increases the sea level. The sinful human activities has outraged the nature ,the supreme and majestic power of the world.And in response to decimated wild lives and extinct rared species , the nature turned the tides and the time of mankind history and causes the catastrophic destruction on the large scale to halt the selfish and exploitative development by mankind. One of the fine and most beautiful examples of the beauty of nature that can spellbound one’s senses , heart and soul are-

Great Barrier Reef : The Great Barrier Reef is the masterpiece work the beauty of nature and is beautiful site on the north-east coast of Australia. It is one of the largest physical structure on the earth made by the living creatures named coral reefs and consists of 900 islands stretching over 3000 km.It consists the world largest collection of the coral reefs , with 500 types of coral , 1800 types of fish and 5000 types of sea plants.It is the habitat of sea cow and large green turtle , which sought the scientific attention since these species are on the verge of extinction .The stunning fact is that it is the only life form on earth visible from the moon .One of the fine world wonder, the world heritage Great Barrier Reef draws a attention and fascination from overseas tourists.

Great Himalaya : The icicle and pinnacle peaks of the Himalaya has a breathtaking beauty. The Himalayan range consists of the Mount Everest , is one of the highest peak on the earth .The sensuous beauty of Himalaya makes anyone to standstill in a day dream for a long moment ,and admires the mystique and peaceful saintly aura of the Himalaya .One can find the nature in its purest and perfect form on the peaks of Himalaya. The gleaming glaciers , deep dale , raptured perennial rivers, and rich flora and fauna are like the jewel on the crown of Great Himalyan King.

Bermuda Triangle: The most mystique , devilish and curious place on the earth is Bermuda Triangle. This triangular oceanic region lies in the western part of North Atlantic Ocean.The scientist ,explorer and discoverer used to go there in search of mysterious reason behind the disappearance of a number of aircrafts and ships .The beauty lies in the life risking adventurous voyage to the Bermuda Triangle with great thrills and enlighten enthusiasm overbriming in the heart of nature lovers.

Iguazu Falls : Who can forget the famous lines of the poem –“ The Brook “ by Alfred Lord Tenyson – “the man may come and man may go , but I go on forever.”The internal beauty of nature lies in Iguazu Falls, it is divine destination for one who love and to see the nature in it’s most phenomenal and pure form .The Iguazu falls are on the Iguazu River   on the border of the Argentina and the Brazil.The curtain of water falling from all around above the zenith is seems the perfect display of romantic deity.

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