Utilization of internet network to advertise goods and services is known as internet marketing or online marketing. It is also referred to as electronic marketing. Internet marketing uses heaps of policies to make a business plan recognizable to the aimed clientele. These policies include social media marketing, content marketing, blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, direct marketing etc. There are various benefits and pitfalls brought by the internet marketing.

The benefits of promoting your product online are:

#1 Authentic Technology: The Authentic technology that empowers the web is the major benefit of marketing our business online. The technology is getting better day by day and even more sophisticated helping us in informing billions of customers about the products and services by a single click or touch. The traditional method of mailing took no of days and even weeks to broadcast the mails to the legatee but the modern email system has reduced our worries of sending the proposals or offers to the aimed clientele timely to zero. Thus email marketing is considered to be a time saving method working effectively and efficiently as compared to the traditional mailing system. Coming to the social media marketing, it is the easiest way to increase the outreach of our message or advertisement among people especially youth. FACEBOOK can be ranked as no 1 in spreading the information online because of millions of users connected with each other on a single platform. It is the most convenient method especially for start ups to create a market for their products. Being a frequent user of social media, I can say that one post reaches to thousands of people in a single time and if people start sharing other people’s post, which they do most of the time, then the reach of the message further increases. I found social media, a best platform to market my start up because the world is moving towards digitalisation and it is the best way to attract maximum audience in a very little time.

#2 less cost: It is the cheapest source of marketing as compared to the traditional marketing or offline marketing because some of the platforms are absolutely free or negligible in cost. An ample amount of money is spent by the companies on offline marketing regarding payment to advertising agency for creation of an attractive advertisement whereas only fraction of this money is required to be spent on internet marketing. It also takes less time to reach customers. The returns on investment on internet marketing are quite higher and instant as compared to offline marketing because the feedbacks from the audience in marketing are quite instant and as spoken before, most of the online marketing platforms or technologies are absolutely free.

#3 job opportunities and experience: Internet marketing has provided or created various job and internship opportunities for the college going students. College students get to learn about how to convince people belonging to different areas about a particular product or service. Since the feedback is instant, so it becomes necessary for students to influence people in a single go. Internet marketing helps college students to learn the basics of marketing and to understand the essence of marketing. I being a social media marketing intern in various start up companies can easily say that internet marketing has helped me a lot to learn many things and now I myself provide internships to various first year students in the field of online marketing. It has created a huge network of capable college students who needs a platform only to express their skills.

#4 Instant Feedback:- we all know that the advertisements on the television are seen by only few no of people because we generally have habits to shift the television channel whenever there is advertisement on current channel, so as to avoid the advertisements which results in lesser outreach and the feedback is also not instant because it is humanly impossible to get feedback of each and every person in offline marketing whereas in internet marketing, it is easy to get feedback from people because there is an option of like and comment in the internet marketing. So even if the feedback is bad, companies get sufficient time to overcome their mistakes. So feedback is instant and effective.

The pitfalls of internet marketing are:

#1lack of face to face interaction: The major pitfall of internet marketing is lack of face to face interaction as we don’t know that the company who is advertising its products and services online is genuine or not because we can’t see it and neither can check their authenticity. So many people fear to buy products marketed online and especially when we have to provide our credentials to such a company. Secondly, people fear about the quality of products and services they are selling to us because there is a lack of personal touch especially in products which require personal touch like clothes and garments. In today’s world of increasing start ups, even I sometimes hesitate to buy products marketed online especially on social media just because of the reasons stated above.

#2 spamming and complexity: As discussed in the benefits that email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies as compared to traditional way of marketing, but side by side it has a huge pitfall of spamming. The companies send the same emails continuously to our email id’s resulting in spamming of our email inbox. Internet marketing is also a very complex system of marketing because the new companies are confused regarding the most profitable or efficient technique of online marketing. Now there are ample amount of start ups and e-commerce websites, even customers are confused regarding online shopping.

Despite of these pitfalls of internet marketing, it will not be wrong to say that the benefits of internet marketing will always be above its pitfalls.

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