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New Delhi, the city where thousands and thousands of people flock to in search of better education (courtesy: DU), better jobs or better Lifestyles, is home to people who call themselves Bihari. It’s been 6 months since I have stayed in Delhi, and I met more of them than any of the other state combined. Call it stereotyping but one thing we sure shot love is our food.

Say something about our accent, we don’t mind.

Make fun of us, we will laugh at us along with you.

But say something about our Litti Chokha, you die. *Evil Laugh*

So here are the few food joints, I believe could satisfy that home sickness you may have been having lately.


This is by far was the most recommended place in Delhi and I got the fuss when I tasted what could be termed as the best Bihari food ever. Located in Shahpur Jat, this place is the very living picture of Bihar. No Bihari food is complete without a Sattu drink and this serves just that in a way it was meant to be. COLD. What surprised me even more were the Chaps and Maher on the menu as they are now rare even in the state. The Litti is served with three different kinds of Chokha namely Aloo, Baigan and Mutton. Taking a glass of Sattu instead of Cola is every Bihari’s priority and it did not disappoint at all. All in all, due to the variety it offers and the home calling aroma of this place, I have to admit that this is indeed the Place to go.


Located in the busy streets of Laxmi Nagar, this place take litti more as a fast food than cuisine. The Litti (a ground chickpea filled dumpling) is fried till it gains the characteristic golden colour and served with Chokha, made of Aloo and Baigan(eggplant).


The Litti craving for us can be so frustrating at times and I cannot think of the better place than the canteen of the state hub in Chanakyapuri. The only hitch though is, It’s made on special order and one have to wait a little more than usual to finally get their hands on it. My comment- Worth the wait.


All Indian Cuisine at one place? Yes, this café in DLF Galleria, Gurgaon serves the whole nation on the platter. Hiring one of the best chefs around the country, this place sure makes the list of recommended places to eat the delicious Litti Chokha. The crispy Litti is filled with Sattu and complimented by the authentic Chokha and green mint-coriander chutney. Though on the steeper side of prices, this place is a must for all the foodies.


Divided by state, United by food.

The iconic Delhi Haat boast about food stalls that bring the best of cuisines from all over the country. The Litti is served with Aloo(potato) chokha, onions and mint chutney which serves as a great fill up for the craving engine in you. Apart from it, the Madhwa Roti Saag is also delicious.

Till next time, Foodies.

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