Chicken pasta recipe (For food lovers)

Only for those who think a ‘’Hungry man is an Angry man’’, because here is the delicious and tempting chicken pasta recipe, that can make a hungry man’s mouth watered. So here it is:


My Sunday begins with one thing and that is, when I wake up, everybody’s eyes are on me, because they know the breakfast is gonna get ready, and that’s exactly when my Sunday begins.  So this was something  (Chicken Pasta) I cooked at my friend’s place, and I am going to share this amazing recipe of chicken pasta that you should try at home, it only takes 15 minutes to cook , but takes longer to forget its taste.


*Plain Pasta

* Boneless Chicken

* Olive Oil

*Green, Red, Yellow Pepper

* Corn




*Orange Carrot


(Note: I only use the vegetables, which are easily available, if you find other vegetables too, you can use them by your choice)

Before I tell you the steps to cook this tempting Chicken Pasta, I must tell you few things that you should keep in your mind while preparing it. You know making people happy with dishes that you prepare is awesome, so keep these don’t’s in your mind and, serve the happiness with your Chicken Pasta:

  1. Use of a small pot for cooking chicken pasta: The pot you use to cook chicken pasta should not be smaller, if it is then , water temperature will fall down when you put pasta in it, and when it goes to the exact boiling temperature, the pasta may get viscous and mushy and its pieces will begin to stick to the pot. One more thing do not forget to use enough water.
  1. No salt no tasty flavor: The only reason why I would suggest to add salt is because, adding salt in water before it begins to boil will make pasta coated around in salt that would prevent pasta from getting too slimy.
  1. Pasta being added too early:Yes!! I understand you are as hungry as a bear, but just hold your horses, a tasty and well cooked meal kills hunger. Do not add pasta quickly in the water, let the water boil and put few drops of Olive oil (not too many drops as it would let the sauce slip away from the pasta), this would not make pasta too gummy and overcooked.
  2. Do not forget to stir: This is very essential while the pasta is in the boiling water, so keep stirring it continuously so that you keep pasta off from sticking to the pot.
  1. Rinse pasta after cooking: When you do this, the starch of the pasta washes away and it helps the sauces cling with the pasta.

Ok so now you have known what to keep in mind, so lets light up the burner and let the others smell the aroma of the delicious chicken pasta:


How to cook:

Step 1:  Take a pot, fill it half with the water and let the water boil, once the water begins to boil add few drops of olive oil and salt, then after few minutes add pasta and stir it unless the pasta cooks well. Once it is cooked, take the starch out and keep the pasta aside so that, the water begins to go and pasta gets dried.

Step 2:Slice all the vegetables nicely, but make sure they are all sliced very thin, and wash vegetables and chicken too.

Step 3:Now take a pot add olive oil and let the olive oil heat and then put chicken pieces in it and stir till the chicken gets cooked and brown, then add little butter and mix it well. Once chicken begins to get brown add garlic and ginger and stir it for few minutes.

Step 4:Chicken pieces are done, Now the time is to put all the vegetables and salt and chilly flakes to taste and stir it for few minutes.

Step 5:It is about to be cooked, I know your mouth is watering, and so is mine ;D.  Now lets put the pasta in pot and mix it all well and let the entire mixture cook for 2-3 minutes. Once it is cooked put mayonnaise and sauce and some seasoning and mix it all again.

Now it is done. Time to serve it, and just watch the expressions of the hungry buds.

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2 thoughts on “Chicken pasta recipe (For food lovers)

  • October 27, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Though i am a vegetarian, but the article is too engaging, waiting for a vegetarian dish recipe article from u 😀

  • January 13, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Keep up the good work!


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