Comfort is the new Fashion (sense of fashion)

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If you understood what any of the above term means, you were paying attention in 2k16. Fashion industry was taken by a storm in the year, which even mortals like us noticed. From fringes to asymmetrical lobs, Coachella bleached looks to tattoos, from platinum blonde locks to daring red carpet choices, 2016 has shown us all. The technology-meets-fashion themed VMAs, the Victoria Secret fashion show, Kendall+Kylie line of apparels, the sheer numbers, and the rage of plus size models has all in all ensured it to be an interesting year.

Personally, I have zero fashion sense, like all the words I used above and all the information I just so nonchalantly presented to you is due to my constant perusal of magazines, stalking of these magazines online and the celebrities as well as the products endorsed, so much so my thumb now automatically double taps on Instagram. So for all you fashion wannabes like me , who are scared and fascinated of fashion at the same time, here are a list of five important fashion tidbits you should keep in mind.

i) Comfort is everything.
For lazy people like myself, dressed smartly means, a clean-looking pair of jeans, any clean-looking jumper or basic T-shirt and a pair of chappals, and if I happen to be in a dressy-mood my sneakers or sandals. That is the extent of fashion for me.
But as 2016 progressed, I was introduced to a variety of styles which were in my comfort zone. The T-shirt dresses, jumpsuits, the wedge-sneakers, and those high-heeled loafers. For a person like me who is all for comfort, 2016 sure had my back.
Trends like these helped me dress better, and look confident at the same time without pushing me out of my comfort zone.
Believe me, I became so confident in my skin that I offered unsolicited fashion advice to anyone and everyone, which usually ranged from- “Comfort is fashion” to “You have your own personal style”.
From tomboy just because I am lazy to a smart dresser in my comfort zone, 2016 gave me that.

ii) Beards- all kinds
I cannot emphasise more, how much a light stubble works the whole look for a man. But 2014 onwards full on beards have been the trend, which was continued in 2015 but 2016 was a whole new ball game. Floral beards, coloured beards, thematic beards, beards of any kind imaginable. The No-Shave November was a rage and kids recently introduced to puberty sported their attempts to grow a beard.
We can safely say that beards and man buns are trends, which are definitely here to stay.

iii) Ranveer Singh is an icon.
The ultimate icon of 2016 would be Ranveer Singh for me. Attention whore or not, the man has carried every look with panache and confidence. He has braved the opinions thrown at him and worn outrageously gaudy clothes, to dapper suits, to floral printed blazers to man-suits. The ease with he conducts himself, the quirky personality highlighted by his choice of clothes and the way it still appears pleasing to the eyes is an achievement in itself.
Fashion sensible or not, Ranveer Singh would be my Icon for 2016, emphasising on the need to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

  1. iv) Pop colours
    From lipstick to hair, pop colours, neon colours and shocking pastels have taken over the runways in 2016. Matte neon lip colours to shocking pink hair, the appeal does not die down. The tagline of 2016 should have been- Unexpected. Pop colours just add the right amount of drama and create a visual treat for our minds.
    The element of surprise and the attention these colours bring to your look is highly aspired. Again, emphasizing on my inexperience and reluctance to add such attention-seeking colours to my wardrobe, I settled for accessorising with neon coloured belts, sneakers and even hair clips.
    Even men took to sporting these in cuff-links, lining of their shirts and even buttons.
    Pop colours add a fresh and daring edge to any outfit.v) Lastly this quote by Coco Chanel

To keep in mind, whenever fashion poses a threat to you.
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street.
Fashion has to do with ideas,
The way we live, what is happening.”

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