Writing commercially is the new art of writing

The kind of writing adopted as a carrier or profession for the purpose of earning money is called commercial writing .The globalization and technology have opened the new door for the writing on professional arena with expanding market and online business. The new emerging platforms of writing such as social media ,websites ,bogs and e-books pave the path for the accessibility of writing tools and information to the vast section of society. The main purpose of the commercial writing to sell the products , ideas and services to the specific and targeted customers.

Learn to ride on the back of new media coming on the way is the need of the time .The advent of new technology changes the way content is delivered but without good content there’s nothing to deliver. For developing master skills in commercial writing one should not focus only on the content but to aware and have knowledge about new media and technical writing tools have great importance. For this one should regular check the news , media and technological websites .Be the active consumer of the media for which you might want to write. Learn the rules of how to get into new commercial media and for this one should be imaginative , proactive and enterprising. Some form of commercial writing are-

WRITING WEBSITE CONTENTS :Nowadays having a website is like having a business card in the pocket of companies , organizations and proffesionals to promote and sell their products and services.The content of the website must have relevant and precise informations about the companies profile in the form of attractive headlines , short paragraphs and effective keywords.The aim of writing good content is to drive the traffic on the commercial websites so that informations will be able to reach targeted audience since every website has a specific target audience.The content must be point to point and user friendly so that users should not have to spend much time in accessing the useful informations from the websites.The language of the content should be simple and the use of high meaning words shold be avoided.The use of relevant phrases nad keywords helps to optimized the awareness and concern of the viewers regarding product, brand , event , services and ideas of the business companies.

BLOG WRITING: The blog is like an online open diary or letter. Everyone can write a blog but big question is how many keep them active once the newness has of blog has worn out .In the blog writing one have excessive freedom to wrote beyond the boundaries and barriers of words .A blog allows its readers to make comments and suggestions which can be very useful for the blogger .For this one should be more responsive so as to make more followers by giving useful suggestions and positive response   on the comments of his/her blog post .To make the blog more interesting, give readers the feeling that they are participating ,not just reading by allowing them to make more and more comments.

One should have connect his/her PayPal account with Google Adsenses so as to generate an income using blog posts .This will allow to make money everytime someone clicks on the ads generations in your blog posts .The ideal limits for the blog is not more than 500 words .The blog are also used to give reviews of their favorite product , brands and websites.The best free blogging platforms are WordPress ,Tumblr , Blogger ,Medium and so on.

WRITING E-BOOK: An electronic book , which exists only as a PDF format is one of the easiest way of commercial writing to reach the target readers.One can compose book using a program like Microsoft Word ,Note Pad,Google Drive ,AbiWord etc. and then save it as PDF document.The best self publisher platforms for e-books are – Amazon Kindle , Nooke , Press , iBooks Authors, Smashwords and the long list.One can charge readers for e-books downloaded using a payment service like PayPal or credit/debit card account. The e-books are usually shorter and more appealing than traditional books.

Writing Articles: Most of the magazines and newspapers companies hires the permanent writer or a few freelancer writer to write articles on the social ,economical ,political and technological themes.The market of articles is evergreen.The market is piled up with huge varieties of magazines on different topics , so one has to specialize in one idea to win the faith of editors and publishers.

The article should be informative ,analytical ,quantitative and qualitative such that it can appeal and influence the opinions and perceptions of the people.One can use photos and caricatures with written materials , that will make the article more appealing .The article must have catchy heading with sub themes and the last paragraph is used for the conclusion of whole topic.

WRITING SCRIPTS: There is a huge demand for the blockbuster scripts that can be adopt into successful movie .One who really enjoy and love the literature can go for it.The script is not all about good story but it also need heart touching dialogue with describing the whole drama and action too , in very concise way.Script must have fixed length for television and it is about 100-150 pages for features films.Script writer especially one who write feature films are better paid than any other level of commercial writer.One of the best movie of Hollyhood such as Harry Potter , Pirates Of Carribean , Batman etc adopted into best screenplay from the famous novels and comics. Script may be of science fiction ,romantic love story ,social cause relating ,horrors or real event related.

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