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On    the   arena   of    globally   interconnected   markets  , the  Digital marketing   emerged  as an   indispensable   tool   with   sterling  contribution   in   buying   and  selling   of  the   information’s  , products  and  services  over   computer   communication    networks .With  the  plethora  of new innovations  , developments , protocols , strategies  and applications the  internet marketing  helps to  find out the right customers and the targeted audiences to whom  the  goods  and services  are to be provided by the business ventures.

The electronic data interchange in the field of e-commerce eliminates the time delays and, there is more certainty in information flow. The  access   to network communication  tools  including  electronic mail , online services  and  web  browser  have created  a new  awareness of  the   commercial potential  of theDigital marketing. The  registered  websites   with  the search engines such as  Google , Yahoo , Bing   and  Baidu  have  opened a new path  for  the  research   marketing , strategic  marketing   and operational  marketing.

The incarnation  of social media  such as  LinkedIn  , Facebook, YouTube   and  Google+    with  indelible image in the field of internet has  optimized  the awareness   of  a products , brands , events  and services  among  the public  customers . The targeted  online  advertising  on the social media  is very cost  effective  and  time  saving  for  the top brands and products  .The online  adverts  on the social media  drives  the huge traffic to the commercial websites. The top businessman and politicians utilizes the social media to sell their ideas and policies .The U.S.A.  president  election  is the best example of  the  optimum  utilization of Digital marketing  via social media  for  effective  campaign  among   the  masses.

The  search engine  optimization (SEO)  technique  plays  very  crucial role  in increasing the amount of visitors to website  so that  to aware   the  visitors  about  business , products and services  of a particular  websites .This helps to understand the better  knowledge  of customer’s  preferences as well as improves  the customer’s experiences   and interactions.

Nowadays the blog marketing, e-mail marketing   and pay per click advertising become more popular form of Digital marketing in public domain for young generations. The  mass appealing , attractive and  effective  contents  have  far reaching  effects  and  impressions  on the minds  and  hearts  of  readers  since  it publicize  business , brands  and services  which are newly  launched in the market. The email marketing and online transaction through debit or credit cards promotes paperless exchange as great shift towards   the   cashless economy.

The  e-commerce  sites  such  as  Pat , Amazon , Mantra  etc. , emerged  as  a  convening powers  to meet  the day to day needs of  the  public .Digital marketing is a  major source of the establishment  of many new  startup  such  as Ola  Cabs , OYO  Rooms   and    Flipkart .It  gives  the  platform  to  the  young  entrepreneurs  to  start  a  new  and  innovative  business ventures  and  to make  a special  identity  among  the  global  business  pantheon .With the advent  of Digital marketing , the distance  and  the  time never  become  an issue  since  it reduces  the  destinations  barriers  between  owners  and  respective  customers.

The  recent  remedial reform of the demonetization of higher currency  notes  by  the Indian Government  has  great impact on the internet marketing .The Pat  registered  over  7 million transaction worth  Rest 120  crore in a day  after the demonetization  drive started. For all  the  cashless  payments  many  banks  has  started  e-wallet  mobile  services  such  as State  Bank  Buddy with  the different features such as  send money , recharge  , pay  bills  and tickets  booking  of   flight , hotel  and cinema  .

Digital marketing  is a  dynamic  in  nature and has  access  to the  large  section  of  society with  egalitarian  and  transparent  approaches .In  the age of information and  technology  it has bright future    in  the field of  online  shopping  , retail , banking  , entertainment and tourism . Internet  marketing has resulted  in   raising  the  expectations  for  data  access , online   transactions  and  services , and  the sudden  rise  in  the   productivity  of  the  market.

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