STREET FOOD CRAVING at North Campus arisen

”STREET FOOD” Listening to this i am sure only few people won’t care, but people like me will have their mouth watering & visuals of those tempting street food’s dishes.

Being a very big food-maniac. I have personally experiences and travel miles just to eat a particular cuisine or something that I’m craving for. I’m sure any food lover will accept with me on this that the fun you get after eating roadside is so much more different that sitting a well fine dine restaurant. Isn’t it? (I see the college going fellas passing a smile over here)

So here is personal experience of my food trip.

One day I woke up and all my friends and I planned to go on a street food day in Delhi. Bunking college as we always do we headed to North Campus, a place where you have the main University campus which basically means its filled with college students and good food everywhere. We decided to start our trip by having the famous “banta” outside KMC. In summer, with the excruciating weather of heat and sweat it is very relaxing and refreshing to start your day with and let your body handle the heat for the entire day. It acts as a power booster.

Crossing this first step down for us, we approached the famous pav bhaji wala where we experienced the look of every junk food available being fried in oil or being dipped in the sweet sauce also called “chashni” for us Indians. Even the concept of unhealthy food mentioned by our parents and elders starts beaming in our ears, the sight of the street food being cooked freshly in front of you is a sight no food lover is willing to give up on. Our taste buds had already started to roll. Finishing off our order ranging from Pav bhaji to Kulfi, we filled our stomach with the most delicious food ever tasted in a lifetime and the best part is that it does not cost you a fortune at all.

Moving on from the centre we decided to stop by the famous “Tom Uncle ki Maggie” where we were amazed to see the collection of Maggie he had. The range of varieties in which a Maggie can be cooked and that too comes out so delicious is astonishing to see. The mouth-watering preparation and the final outcome of all its varieties was remarkable. Sharing on to the plates of Maggie supplemented by coke, we didn’t realize how satisfactorily fill our tummy was. Pinging on to the most amazing college days I have.

No meal is complete without a dessert. And so for the dessert we decided to stop by the recently opened café called “The Waffle Hut”. Waffles have been very tasty and content from its very beginning for all of us. The super amazing preparation and the mouth-watering taste make it so much more difficult to resist. I was so startled to see the range of varieties. Ranging from Oreo waffle, to a honey blend boiling down to pan and kiwi flavour. Every foodie has a delight to have its favourite kind of dessert.

Finishing down with a day full of food and our tummies fully packed up we all returned home with a big smile on our faces. Not only that we experienced that we all longed for but also because all this was completed with togetherness. Its exciting isn’t it? Having ike minded people all around you where you can experience every cuisine, food and restaurant with all the people you love and complete the longing desired food drives that you have always imagined and looked for.

Being a food maniac myself I have experienced and had all cuisines. Ending with a hope to have many more such street food events in the years to come so that the experiences can be shared and spread eventually.

Till then, keep eating and smiling! (don’t forget to try the above mentioned places)

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8 thoughts on “STREET FOOD CRAVING at North Campus arisen

  • January 4, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Excellent piece of writing.

  • January 5, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Writing that actually make you go out and have food

  • January 5, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Cheers to food!??

  • January 5, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Tom uncle ki Maggie, banta, waffle hut..hard nostalgia there!

  • January 5, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    lip smacking.


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