Entertainment can be described as having no moral, physical or mental benefits to the success of the society other than bringing temporary happiness to the society. However many forms of entertainment brace and advance the society. Entertainment fetches an appreciable feeling of contentment and composure to individuals of society thus having affirmative effect. However the source and forms of entertainment chosen to fulfil relaxation and happiness in most instances, determine the negative and positive effect on society. Physical activities create possible the largest source of entertainment for the society. From Chess to cricket matches, all entertainment of this form has a positive effect on the society. From a scientific view point physical activity brings more blood to the brain. This process of extra blood flow creates an outstanding separation between regular students and student athletes.

Though, this is not the only advantage to this source of entertainment. Entertainment of this source builds personal characteristics of an individual such as teamwork, leadership, perseverance and even effort. From my personal experience in cricket, I have learnt various qualities such as leadership, group work, hard work, planning while playing or doing my part on the field, which will help me individually or any group that I will be working with. Moreover in 15th and 16th century people use to play soccer for their entertainment. Soccer is an ancient sport played in most European countries from the era of 16th century. Various forms of storytelling have been a source of entertainment for as long as human population has been able to communicate with each other. Fireside stories, comic stories, newspaper magazines and other readings by Hindi authors are the various popular sources of entertainment especially for kids. These act not only as the source of entertainment but also as a guide to various children of small age group for example it helps to make children understand the difference between good and evil deeds of the society. Books like Ramayana and Mahabharata also acts as a source of great fun and entertainment for small children along with the source of historical knowledge. Novels of William Shakespeare and Twilight series are the best source of entertainment for the teenage groups. However, in the past few decades, new technologies especially the television have altered the art of storytelling to mindless, visual and emotional appeal. Before television this kind of optical and ingenious entertainment, would commonly include life lessons about values and history or even provide direction for one’s life. With television being the most habitual source of entertainment it grasps an immense part on the impacts on the people of society today. However shows such as fear factor and real world have no positive effect on the society. These types of shows have no lessons to be learned and force no physical or mental exercise of the viewer. Moreover these types of shows create a negative impact on the viewers as they try to copy the stunts or incidents performed in these shows which cause them severe injuries and sometimes even lead to their death, which can’t be tolerated by the society. There was an incident where a child after watching the movie KRISH jumped from a tall building thinking that he will also fly like the KRISH but unfortunately he died. The list does not end here only. There are lots and lots of incidents like these, so these sources of entertainment have a negative impact on the society. Indoor games like card games is the another major source of entertainment now a day’s especially for old people. Sitting in the park, they play various card games in groups and have fun with their friends. Even on the occasion of various festivals, people with their families play various card games just for fun. Now the question arises that whether these have a negative impact or positive impact? These games have a great negative impact on the minds of young generation as these small card games sometimes turns into a big gambling. In our surroundings we regularly see incidents of huge financial loss in gambling. It not only restricts to card games rather betting in race horses is also in this list.

Entertainment keeps society driving and pushing further. Not only can it offer happiness and a better state of mind, but it can also offer opportunities to society. However, source and form of it determines the positive and negative effect of its use. With technology shooting up at alarming rates, worries arise because of the corresponding increase in negative impact of entertainment. The idea being, the more we really on for technology for everyday tasks, the less capable we become of being a positive part of the society. It needs to simulate both the mental and physical capabilities of society, it shouldn’t only bring happiness and visual appeals otherwise we will live in a world much like the one should be called a couch potato.

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