Gaming A Journey From Then To Now

GAMING A Journey From Then To Now ,Till the nineteenth and the early twentieth century games were in no way influenced by technology. ‘Gaming’, as we understand the term now, commercially originated in the 1950s in America. This revolutionised the usage of the word ‘game’, and that’s exactly where the ”Gaming a journey began”.

The first game system for home use came in the year 1967 with the introduction of “Brown Box”. It could be connected to a television and two people could play at a time controlling cubes that chased each other.

In the early 1970s, there were poor sales due to mismanagement in marketing of the products. At that time gaming was a fairly new and hence an alien concept to the world.

Nolan Bushnell is considered as the godfather of gaming. His company Atari launched Periscope and Crown Special Soccer which were electro-magnetic games.

From then on, restaurants and cafes started installing video games to allure customers using the new developed craze for gaming among the people as a strategy for more sales. The concept of gaming arcades came into existence where competition sparked among the players. This gave rise to thrill in gaming.

Multiplayer gaming from different screens developed from what was limited to competing on a single screen. Younger generations took interest in this and globalisation of gaming consoles budded.

Finally, ”Gaming a journey” this journey of gaming took another turn and in the nineties multiplayer gaming over networks took off. LAN gaming took birth. Thereafter online gaming came into picture with internet revolution.

From then on, the journey thrust forward, improvising and speeding. It has managed to become a huge industry owing to its magnificent success. It has blossomed as one of the most profitable and sought after entertainment industries in the world.

As we know, games have come a long way from the Nintendo days to the PS4 era. All the gamers out there are relishing the luxury of gaming owing to decades of improvisation on the same.

The activity is not restricted to children, teenagers or young adults only; rather it is for all age groups. This versatility has helped the industry grow leaps and bounds.

Competitive gaming has evolved as a profession in this modern era. The continuous growth and development in this industry has created numerous job opportunities. These include game developers, VFX designers, animators, artists, graphic designers, game tester and many more. This shows that the industry involves a blend of different disciplines.

In the latest advancement the virtual reality technology aims to bridge the gap between gaming and reality. Such immersive technical environments make the player feel their presence in the game’s virtual yet ‘real’ world. Grand companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are investing a great deal on virtual reality.

Gaming provides thrill and adventure which releases adrenaline and dopamine. These hormones make one feel good and hence are addictive so much that the statistics show that nearly top 30% of the gamers spend 7 hours a day gaming. Adrenaline reduces the reaction time and hence makes a person more receptive and active in cases that require immediate action. Consumers spent $21.53 billion on video games, hardware and accessories in 2013. About 60% of Americans play video games.

Various studies have confirmed the common result that action video games can improve ability to read in dyslexic individuals. They help in switching attention from visual to auditory stimuli. Gaming for 30 minutes a day is shown to have increased concentration. It develops an instinct which makes one sharper. It improves tactical and thinking skills.

Gamers are “skilled thinker” and problem solvers. Their perception can help them handle some of the difficult problems of science without any prior scientific knowledge. In the year 2011, Foddit players resolved the structure of an enzyme that causes a disease like AIDS in monkeys. There is a bizarre union of scientists and gamers as one of their work is not leagues apart from the other’s.

Anything that has advantages has the other side to the coin as well. Sometimes people start taking games too seriously and become indifferent to their surroundings. They use it as an escape from the world and tend to stay away from reality; hence their social life gets affected. Hours and hours of continuous gaming can have serious negative effects on health. Obesity and poor eyesight are among the common problems.

The industry is ever growing with intensive research which will not only improve the gaming experience but also has the capability of revolutionising the technical world. Play and help the industry grow. 😉

Hope the journey of everyone’s life has been as interesting as ”Gaming a journey”

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