The End,Gone and will be forgotten, Done and Dusted,Football

When 2016 hit and Real Madrid drew Malaga away, these were the words used by Barcelona based newspaper for him though I don’t really blame them since he missed a Football penalty and stuff but Boy oh Boy, they forgot about the Phenomenon named Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro or our beloved CR7.

Over the past 6 years, Ronaldo have set the bar so high that even an inch below that is considered as a poor run of form. This was supposed to be his worst year, with a low score tally let alone a silverware to boast for. Come December, we all know how that turned out, He has won everything and I mean everything in sight. You name a trophy and it’s in the bag. From booing him on a missed pass to chanting his name, the Bernabeu crowd has come a long way.

After the departure of Rafa Benitez and unforeseen appointment of Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid never looked the same and most of all Ronaldo.

Even a mere pass is looked down upon by them. I cannot just emphasize this more and the best thing to do here would be this,

“I think Ronaldo is the only player who is criticized for both scoring and not”


(ex-Real Madrid player)

When he returned and scored a 5 goal haul, the ever so knowledgeable football ‘pundits’ found a new logic stating he scores only against small teams. He responded by scoring the winner at Camp Nou against the eternal rivals Barcelona and brought Madrid back in the title race.

And critics tried bringing him down by showing facts how his goals don’t bring trophies so he scored the winning penalty in Uefa Champions League final against the noisy neighbors Atletico Madrid. Became a meme for scoring just a penalty shot on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

This is highly indecent if anyone asks me the time Messi announced his retirement because of a missing penalty and yet people idolize him. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan boy and adore Messi a lot but find it absolutely ridiculous how people underrate Ronaldo’s contribution.

Ronaldo is considered as a selfish player and many have condemned him for not being a team player. Blamed for not having a good relationship with his team mates but often overlook his gestures towards them on the field which reminds me of a specific incident when they defeated Rayo at home but Bale was injured near the end and Ronaldo sat next to him tried to help him through it till help arrived.

Now coming back to the summer of 2016, The Euro arrived. I remember reading an article about how they will consider him one of the greats if he could take a team like Portugal through the tournament especially given the disappointment of World Cup in 2014 where Portugal exit in the group stage. Well drawing to Iceland wasn’t a start one would call good, Agreed.

Then drawing to Austria was humiliating given the missed penalty by ever so reliable Cr7 but yes he did. Portugal on the verge of another early exit in a major finals was on the cards but Ronaldo had other ideas. Scored a brace and an assist against Hungary was enough to get them through. Before you knew it, Ronaldo and Portugal reached the finals of the Euro against all odds with Ronaldo scoring three and assisting thrice. They had their fair share of luck and I believe it is important no matter what they say.

He had a disappointing final individually as injury got to him before clock struck 30 odd minutes but all in all when Eder scored that winning goal, those hefty tears rolled out turned into ecstatic joy and finally He won a silverware for the beloved country, His home, His Portugal.

But the critics trolled him about his ‘contributions’ in the final and how taking it as his achievement is absolutely ridiculous. The world started noticing and indeed doubting him for performances in the big finals.

Then FIFA Football World Cup occurred. He scored a late goal in the semis, but people were never satisfied and predicted he will fail in the finals AGAIN.

                                                 *Scored a hattrick*

Real Madrid won the FIFA World Cup and the third trophy for “Lucky” Zidane in less than a year as a coach. Cristiano Ronaldo at the heart of it all over again.
The worst year of Ronaldo’s career brought him all the major trophies for club and country. The individual glory followed.

Named the Uefa Player of the year, Best Player in Portugal, Best player in Spain, Athlete of the year (First footballer to win it) and what not.

After months of speculation, false stats and rumors, it was time for the Oscar of Football namely Balon D’or. Various media quoted how Messi deserve it because he score most goals this year even though these were the same source who stated Messi deserved it cause he won every trophy in football and Individual tally shouldn’t count. Yes, Messi deserved it last year but this was the year of Cristiano. And He won by a long distance.

Cristiano Ronaldo made his name eternal in the game of FOOTBALL.

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