Guard your food while praying

Guard your food while praying

In the far Eastern hills of Arunachal Pradesh there lived a 55 years old preacher. He lived alone in a small house across the river, which had three rooms; a kitchen, a common room which somehow turned into a prayer Hall and at the last corner stand a drawer of 5×4ft full of medicine. He never had any degree on medicine but poor and sick villagers seemed to be satisfied and reliable on his medicine. His bed room was simple and cozy. Boys and girls would often visit him and comfortably sit on his 5 ft long bed and wonders at his collection of books of unknown to them. They say, his head full of grey is the test of time and beneath the wrinkles on his body is where the wisdom lies. Everyone was content with every words he would tell them. One fine day on the month of November the preacher was brought a wild feral chicken by one of the hunters from the village. He was very glad and thankful, for how long he had been eating only iku and today’s lunch would be something more than special, he thought. For few minutes he was unable to decide how should this meat be cooked. A piece of meat calling out the demon inside of him to be satisfied and humble again. Finally he decided to make amin( Arunachalee dish). The smell of winter meat was much more stronger than the dumpyard and attract the dogs near by. Table was put on his lawn and lunch was served. He once again humbled himself and remember the Almighty God.
He closed his eyes, raised his both hands towards the heaven and prayed

My living God I’m thankful for the food that is served before me. Bless the innocent soul that was robed of its flesh to keep this flesh alive. In this moment I also remember the poor and hungry for the hunger brings neither sleep nor humbleness and you are the bread and wine of life. The taste of meat is from you too. With this he finished talking to the Divine and open his eyes only to see a dog running straight into the woods with the meat on his mouth. He stared in incredulity for a while and smile to himself and said, “the topic for the next sermon is ready. “

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