Gyming essentials for fitness freaks

gyming essentials

We live in a world where physical fitness is everything, and every other person you meet is a fitness freak. Or into gyming at least. But people often join it in the heat of the moment or a new year resolution per say and end up with only a membership card. So to up the game and to make sure we actually make it to the gym every day, here is a list of gyming essentials we got to have. Now you may find some of it absolutely absurd but in the long you will thank me for it.

A Fitness Tracker

We live in a world where not boasting about a heavy workout session is unheard of. And keeping that in mind, the FitBit Charge have come up with a tracking device costing approx. 4000 INR to directly share this information on social media. And to make sure you get a good workout session, it keeps your heartbeat in check and constantly remind you of the same. But what you don’t want to do, is pull a Howard from Big Bang Theory and come off as a dork.

Face wash to cleanse your face off any sweat.

I cannot emphasize on this more than anything as personal hygiene is a must and we all know Sweat is acne’s best friend.

So always remember to gently wash your face after a good workout and maintain that shiny glow of your face.

Deodorant all the time, no matter whether you heading home after the session- be it any reason.

Another common mistake is not bringing one. But hey, just because you had an exercise doesn’t mean others should suffer from it.

Throwing some antiperspirant on never hurt anyone. And more importantly don’t gross anyone.

An extra T-shirt to change into.

You may meet some new people while going back home or maybe a new member. Do you really want to meet them in a soaked up see through for the first time. No. Grab an extra tee and help yourself.

It not only makes you look good but organized as well which in the long run becomes an ally.

A Sweatshirt for the weather outside. *chilly*

No matter what you do, where you are and who you meet, A style statement is a must So why not in a Gym. Plus it may come handy given the way weather is fooling around. My personal suggestion would be a light and mildly color hoodie to up your style game and believe me when I say, people dig that a lot.

Light snack to restore stamina.

So you finish with your routine for the day and heading out of your gym, you collapse. Sounds foolish right? Eat a healthy and light snack like a banana or a protein bar and re-energize yourself for the good.

Water bottle may sound childish but is gold.

Water, water and then some more water. This should be a top priority of yours or you may end up in a hospital after a good workout. But that in no way means you’re allowed to have those cola or you will have to say bye-bye to the dreamy body of Arnold, you were aiming for.

A pair of headphones which won’t fall out.

Admit it, this is the part we all have been in and hated the most. Right from jogging to crunching no matter what we do but stopping to put ear buds in again is simply annoying. So put some thought (read money) and buy a sporty buds earphones to save those precious milliseconds of yours.

Lastly The BAG, you carrying.

The moment you enter a gym, nobody will look at your biceps, triceps or the body but THE BAG. You have to make sure, you aren’t destroying your own reputation by carrying your work bag or a backpack. Leave former in your car and latter in your child’s room.

Buy a good quality duffel bag in dark colors and you are good to go. Also it must have enough compartments to carry all your stuffs.

Go now get into a shop and start ticking off these essentials and make yourself ready for the A game of GYMING .

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