Here you are going to read an important thing that is ”impacts of lifestyle”, while you read this amazing informative blog we suggest you to adapt what the blog says, because our motive is to make everyone healthy and live longer.

Our lifestyle plays an important role in our life. It includes day to day activities and behaviour that forms our daily life. It includes the work we do, the food we eat or the people we interact with like family, neighbours, strangers, friends in our daily routine. We make different decisions or change our decisions about the way we live due to constant changes in our environment externally or internally. We take decisions according to the values we learn, the things we believe in and our attitudes towards different things. Our interaction with different people and experiences in life also forms our actions and thoughts. Our personal behaviour is also affected by the things we learn in schools and colleges and even at our home and the information we get through various forms of media like television, radio and now a day’s social media also but the best thing is we can transform the way we live.

If we are thinking for bringing changes in our lifestyle then we have to carefully evaluate various things for example: we have to pay attention regarding the way we live and work we do every day & the impacts of lifestyle we have adapted, we have to sit with our families and friends and should discuss about changes in lifestyle and what we want to change with them, we have to improve the quality of life we are living. Bringing changes in our lifestyle has always been a tough task to do.

It is right to say that the work we do affects our health badly. We get exposed to various environmental hazards for example UV radiations, pollution of various kinds for example: noise pollution, air pollution etc. People working in corporate world sit in front of computers for continuous 8-9 hours which results in problems like SURVICAL, muscular or skeletal problems, vision problems and other health problems. Physical exercise or activities can reduce the risk of these health diseases. Stretching of arms and body, walking, dancing etc. Makes people more active. Even the people with busiest schedule can do these types of activities. After meal, walk for at least 30 minutes or have a separate room for physical activities fun games. There are some basic activities which a person can do even in his regular working hours for example: take stairs and avoid lifts and escalators, Park the car far away and walk as much as possible, don’t get back to work immediately after having lunch or breakfast and wait for the proper digestion of food, Try to chew the food as much as you can instead of swallowing it and finishing it faster. Various studies have proved that regular aerobic exercise four times in a week helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, lowering the cholesterol in our body and improve the sugar level in our body. Fun activities such as reading books, playing cards, listening to music have also shown a positive impact on our health by reducing the stress level. It is very important to reduce the stress level of mind as it helps the person from various mental problems such as MIGRAIN, Short temperedness etc.

Secondly the food we eat has a great effect on our health. It is always suggested to have a proper nutritional diet because good eating habits helps an individual to reduce the risk of various heart diseases such as high blood pressure. We generally follow the food habits as that of our parents. We follow the traditions and customs of the area in which we are born. To adapt healthy eating habits, we can make healthy food recipes by substituting some ingredients. A good nutrition should be made part of our healthy living. We must use green vegetables as a major ingredient in our recipes. We should consume fruits as much as possible either in the form of juice or in the form of solids. We should use whole grain bread and cereal, Low fat milk and cheese instead of powdered milk. People who are non vegetarian should choose lean meats, poultry, Fish. Try to use less salt, sugar and saturated fat. Have lots and lots of water between meals.

People who do smoking should quit it and must find a healthier way to reduce stress and depression. If we drink alcohol, beer, or wine, we should only drink in moderation.

We ensure you if you do this then you will surely have a changed lifestyle and you will surely see the impacts of lifestyle you now choose to live in.

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