The Importance Of Sports and its involvement

A sport (sports) is an activity or group of activities that involves physical exercise and skills in which an individual or team competes against each other for entertainment or for glory.

Sport and games forms an important part of student’s life as we all know that “A healthy nation is a wealthy nation”. Improvement in physique of boys and girls is the core benefit of sports. Each and every sport has its own set of benefits for example: swimming, it makes the movement of your body flexible and helps you to gain proper height. Chess, it helps you to sharpen your mind. Football, it makes you a good strategist and strong. Badminton and table tennis, both these sports makes your reflexes faster. Moreover all these sports and the other sports also for example: Basket ball, Lawn tennis, Various games of Athletics , such as Long jump, pole vault, Ball throw Etc. Gives you a competitive spirit and a spirit of sportsmanship, which is very important in student’s life. Especially at school level, where students learn various kinds of sports and develop a spirit of competition among themselves through various inter class tournaments or various inter house tournaments. Some sports like Horse riding and Golf provide students with a sense of controlling power. There is a serious problem with the students when their school life is over and they enter the college life, as they forget the meaning of sport and its importance in their life. In school life when they are tired of continuous theory lectures, they come out of their classrooms and play freely in the play ground and make themselves relaxed whereas in college life, they relax themselves by hanging around with friends or by sleeping. This is the core reason of their obesity and various problems like high blood pressure or Diabetes acquiring them. Evolution of smart phones is the other main reason for decrease in importance of sports in student’s life. Now a Days student’s (especially college students) have found an easier way to relax, which is playing games and sports on smart phones. Every time they are busy in their phones with their neck down causing severe neck problems. Although college students also get various opportunities to participate in different sports competitions such as intra -college sports meet and other inter college or inter university tournaments. Students after entering into college life think that the time has come to shape up their career because of the stiff competition in the educational world. Their mindset changes and they start preparing themselves to face the competition in the business world or corporate world. The biggest irony in this world is that students love to watch sports tournaments with a great enthusiasm for example: ICC cricket world cup, FIFA world cup, Wimbledon Cup, Indian super league, World wrestling championship etc. And they even criticise players for their bad performance but don’t take any step to make their career in sports or to represent their nation in any of the sports. Representation is a second thing to discuss. Some parents stop their children whenever they ask them to participate in sports activities by saying them nothing is there in sports. If you want to earn name and fame then you must study hard.

There is an urgent need to tell these kinds of parents and even student’s that education is an important part of our life but you can’t learn everything from education. Education may teach you about team spirit or group work but it is sports which will help you to learn all these things practically. Sport develop a sense of friendliness and team spirit in the children. We can’t ignore the fact that only academic education can make a child lethargic and even decreases his/her immunity power to fight with various diseases. One can think of a healthy mind only in a healthy mind. Therefore both physical and mental fitness are important for achievements in man’s life. Sport facilities should be made compulsorily available to all Student’s right from their primary education and it should be made a part of their educational curriculum. There is an ample justification to be introduced in schools.

The importance of sport can never be minimized in one’s life but some of the various benefits of sports are 1: It provides the sense of discipline and belongingness. 2: It develop the sense of team spirit among students especially in sport like Cricket, Football, Hockey, etc. 3: Sport teaches us the value of time. It teaches us that how a note of a minute, a fraction of a minute or a fraction of a second can turn the fortune of a sportsman. 4: Education of sports increases our concentration which is very important for our academic education also.5: Proper training in sports can make a person more sportive and active. 6: it can provide a forum for physical fitness.

Keeping these benefits in mind, IT is now high time to emphasize sport in our country along with academic education so that our sports persons can be perfectly ready to compete with the world champions effectively and efficiently.

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