India From Being a Developing Country to Dominating the World

India Developing Country to Dominating the World:

“Sone kichidiya” as the name is called and has always portrayed the real picture of our country. India is the only country in the world to be the one with such a diverse culture and tradition. Boiling down to the early era, from the Mughal Sultant to the era of MaharanaPratap, from the era of British taking over India to the current and modern state of our country, India has seen all the phases with grace. The grace of portraying its rich and divine culture has never stopped since then.

Here it is very important to realize the importance of culture in a country. The culture not only paves the path to the traditional and the divine aspect of the country, but it is important to realize that also portrays the grace a country and its tradition holds. Be it for the people of its own or the tourists, it paves a very important path to both the sects.

Now, we boil down to the fact as to how India is rich in all the above mentioned things, how India has very beautifully carved its place in the world map and as to how the country is actually looked upon with pride, justice and respect. Trust me, talking about brains to showcasing the talent, India has done it all beautifully.

Let us take an example of India paving its way in the world map in all the diverse fields, talking about Indians taking over as the lead senators in the US Assembly, to Sunder Pichai becoming the CEO of Google, Tim Cook appreciating about the Indian culture at the world front, AR Rehman winning Oscars. These are few incidents which have made India very proud at the international platform, a place where everyone appreciates the talent showcased by us.

Apart from people, let us ponder a piece of our mind to the rich heritage we share, from the royal forts of Rajasthan to the Kalbeliya dance of that region, every place beautifully shows and depicts its charm. The traditional Kathakali dance of Tamil Nadu to the famous Rasgulla of West Bengal, we have seen diversified display of all such things that actually make a person fall in love with a place.

Not catering to the concept that the world does not hold such a thing but India truly marks its way in the all such forums. Be it sports, music, business or politics, we have seen all the glorious moments with such pride. Apart from the glamorous and the “showstopper world”, India has definitely made a special place in everyone’s heart whether be because of the kind and humble people, the history we’ve had or the cultural and tradition that we hold.

It gives me immense pride to be called and Indian, having the best geographical location having the Sahara desert in the west to having rainforests in the east, with the extreme snowfall in the north to mesmerizing beaches of the South, the diversity is the richest of all. The best wonder of the world globally accepted was termed to our great Taj Mahal, the famous Kohinoor diamond was found and preserved in India for a very long time, shows the richness of the soil, of our mother earth where we live in. The small and compact country offers almost all the things one wants to experience in life.

When our forefathers named it, they were right; this is our “SONE KI CHIDIYA”.

Always be proud of being an Indian!



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