India vs Australia TEST RIVALRY IS BACK

When it is cricket and the topic of India vs Australia does not come, then we are missing on an interesting rivalry between two teams that rule the game.

Cricket has always been the most important source of entertainment of people in India these days, and when we talk of the all-time rivals of the game in the form of test series, it really stands much more than the game.

The much exciting history is traced back to the time when Harbhajan Singh became the first one to take a hattrick, when Rahul Dravid was announced as “The Unbreakble Wall” of India, when VVS Laxman displayed the true work of cricket and made the fans go all gaga against Australia. The best of the cricketing moments have been framed between India vs Australia matches.

India vs Australia this week for a test series has already geared up the fire in the sports bizz. World’s top two sides clashing against each other will be yet another form of display of the arch-rivalry. Since the time of face-off between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds, the two sides have been on a rival phase since then.

Aussies are back in town with their batsman, Steve Smith against the fiercer and determined captain of all times, Virat Kohli. The face-off clearly seems to be big enough to startle the cricket fans yet again.

This time the fight for Australia is all the way more as the reason to win becomes more important to clinch the top ranking in test series? Whereas, India with its good ongoing performance is ready to defend it at any cost and is more determined to add another feather to its victory list now.

Talking about the players, Sourav Ganguly has predicted a 4-0 victory for India whereas Harbhajan Singh has called this Australian squad the most “weakest” of all times. Taking the former performances of Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jadeja have been remarkable and quite impressive for the team to cling on to the victory. India is expected to follow the same link up against Bangladesh which happened earlier this month and resulted in the positive side for the former one.

Not ignoring the other side too, Australia too has brilliant players waiting to hold the cup another time against India in their home ground. The team-spirit in the team has recovered after their loss to Sri Lanka, David Warner, Gleen Maxwell have been on a spree in all the big tournaments and aren’t easy contenders to deal with.

Both sides stay heavy on talent and determination to win. The slight advantage India will have will be of the home ground. The pitch, practice, climate is dealt with them more often these days. With the past performance both the teams have been in touch with the latest defeats faced by them, Aussies being heavier on this side. This all the way more adds to the reasons of the two teams to win this series at any cost.

The live steaming will start popping at everyone’s television sets this Thursday. The evergreen cricket love of the Indian families were everyone is glued to their TV’s and shouting to the every sixer scored or every wicket taken. On the other hand, the other half will occupy the stands way before the match  starts and will be present to physically boost the morale of their favourite players. When it comes to cricket, we Indians are never behind.

Such small things bind a country to share the common things of love. Let’s wait and see the hustle-rustle starting this Thursday, don’t forget to stay glued to your screens and follow the action.

Let us make the history repeat itself and add another trophy to our bag!

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One thought on “India vs Australia TEST RIVALRY IS BACK

  • February 28, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Rivalry at its best.!
    More excited after reading this!!


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