Indian Female Ice Hockey Team is Still into Crowd Funding

“Beta, please leave this game, it has no future and how will you feed your family,” said his dad.

“Papa, but it is my passion,” he said.

These are some of the typical conversations of a father and a son (who plays non-famous sports). We’ve all had great zeal in watching cricket, being glued to the TV sets and watched Sania Nehwal’s gold win matches, isn’t it? Do we even realize that there are a lot of other sports in which India participates? Ever realized we have a Women’s team for ice hockey?

Often busy with the latest fad and the so called “glamorous” sports, we’re less aware of the other well-to-do events happening around us. We’ve seen and understood the hard work and dedication shown by Mary Kom or Indian Women’s Hockey Team through the movies. Let us not let the words of “Chak De” make us feel patriotic, and let us begin to sense and feel much more when the flag of India is raised in a glolbal platform. We need to broaden our minds and not wait for the movies to teach us about our great players.

The problems portrayed in the movie were apt and are actually faced in the real world. Scarcity of funds, lack of proper infrastructure, unavailability of sponsors and negligence of government are some of the problems faced by the lot in general. These problems still remain undressed and neglected. Some of these reasons cater to the further more reasons why such a sport is not promoted and is not accepted by a lot of the Indian families. The cost of the equipment’s is so high that many of them can’t afford inspite of the tremendous zeal.

While being all excited about the IPL elections, none of us realized the challenges the Indian Women’s Ice Hockey team is facing to be able to perform at the International Challenge Cup to be held at Kuwait this summer.

After so many hardships, social media came to the rescue for the players. The players took on to social media to spread the world, which particularly is disrespectful that the Indian team had to do so for representing their own country at an international forum.

It is disgraceful to see the players begging for money for something that will not only make them happy but more so make the country proud. With the campaign starting from “support the passionate athletes” have made micro-funding also a source of gathering support and funds for the tournament which seemed in jeopardy until the campaign was launched.

As the support has grown to a good level, the authorities have planned to invest the excess funds available in development of the sport and infrastructure for the sport to grow for the youth.

The present problem has been catered to but that doesn’t change the sad fact that as Cricket flourishes in our country, the other sports languish. One on hand as players are shooting for ad-films and making crores, the Indian Ice Hockey team is struggling for the basic amenities in hard terrains.

Such an incident has been an eye opening for the rest of the world as to how difficult it is for the players to manage for such petty issues and it’s the dire need for all of us to stand up and support these young talented professionals and make our country be more prominent on the world map.


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