LIFE LEARNING LESSONS are kinds of lessons learnt from elders which help youngsters to push their life forward, let’s get on to Learning Life Lessons:

“Dad, please tell me more about your life,” said the child.

“The life earlier was more challenging, kiddo,” replied the father.

Kids busy with cell phones and glued to computer screens have forgotten what life is all about these days. Kids are busier in apparently talking to their so called “virtual friends” on social media or posting pictures on Instagram or chatting on snapchat. Everyone has forgotten the time of actually spending time with friends at a garden or clicking pictures to remember them or going to friends place to chit-chat.

As aptly said by the father, the life earlier was more challenging. Ever wondered why? The earlier times had more of practical aspect and approach. In a country like India which comprises of maximum youth population, it is very important to educate these young minds in the best possible way as they will grow up to be the future leaders and young professionals of our country to be proud of.

The world has become very professional and diverse in all the fields which are required these days. For a youth to survive and fight in such a situation, it is very important for the young minds to be trained. The definition of approach these days traces down to “book-ish geeky knowledge” one possesses these days.

The Indian education system needs to add the practical approach towards building the young professionals. Taking an example of the recruitment process of a company, every company wishes to hire an executive with good experience and the one who has the ability to handle each and every situation.

Life struggles and life learning lessons of people are important for the kids to understand as it gives them an insight as to how the life was earlier, how are they dealing it with now and how can all of this turn out to be. Learning and getting to know about the real life experiences definitely add a better and more powerful impact on an individual.

The impact of real people going through the same incident or the struggle one faces makes the other person at ease and he gets the courage to gather some strength and face the situation with a better mind and more maturity. The life experiences of people will boost the morale of the kids and will make them realize the value of every situation and how important it is to respect and face everything no matter how hard it is.

The life struggles are undoubtedly inspiring and motivating. Analysing and understanding the student is definitely the most important part to tackle any of it which can be done immensely well if the kids are taught the life experiences and struggles of the people. The Indian students have a mind to prosper in every field and conquer the world at large with its talent and high range of capabilities to absorb every situation with ease.

It is the need of the hour to inculcate such values in the kids to make them professionally strong. The Indian education system has to improve on the subjects being taught by including more of the practical aspects and making the kids learn about the life struggles and life experiences of people.

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