Modern Lifestyle No one in this world can disregard the effectiveness of modernization in our daily lives, especially the fact that how much it has made our lives convenient. Evolution of new technologies has made our day to day tasks easier.

New technologies have come up with new advantages such as communication across the globe at an exponential rate. With   the invention of internet, people are able to communicate easily within different areas, localities, cities, states and even countries. Earlier people used to communicate through posting letters which was a very long process. It was very difficult to communicate important information to any one on time. Then telephones were invented but at that time telephones were also expensive and could not afford by everyone. So it was a status symbol kind of a thing for those who owned telephones at that time. The lower and middle class families were still facing problems because of the lack of availability of sources of communication. But now from a Rickshaw owner to an industrialist, everyone is having smart phones #all thanks to innovation.

Another advantage of technology is related to travelling across nations. Earlier people used to travel on bullock carts i.e. on animals and even used to walk 40-50 km a day. Then cycle was invented which made lives of people a bit easier but it was almost equal to walking. To travel across different nations, railways were the best source to use and now airways are there which can take you to your destination in few hours only. Trading across different nations was also a big issue because lack of transport but now advanced transportation is there to overcome each and every problem. Even today people living in villages are happy with the old system. Those who are rich enough always try to outshine others by owing luxurious cars like Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes so as to uplift their status in the society especially business class.

Modern lifestyle can also be defined as changes in food items of people as compared to the traditional food items. People especially youth has moved towards the junk food or can say western lifestyle in relation to food. Food fights between parents and children are common in every house because youth has developed a habit of eating junk food all the time, so homemade traditional food is like a poison to them. It is very shocking to see some people being allergic to homemade food items. In today’s world of comparison and status symbol, food chains of foreign countries are making their profits on large scale. For every celebration we try to go to five star hotels or big joints like burger king, Carls Jr. Etc. Teenagers are on the wrong track of drinking and smoking. For every small problem, they now take help of Alcohol. It is good to adopt new things but addiction to anything is bad.

#how modern lifestyle as a symbol of status is harmful?

In today’s competitive world, People try their level best to outshine others. This problem is majorly seen in teenagers of middle class families for example: if a child saw that his classmate is having a smart phone of higher quality then he/she will definitely go to his/her parents to get that same phone or higher than that. Sometimes parents fulfil that wish but sometimes they can’t. Problem actually arises when they refuse to fulfil the wish of their children, because then a child gets frustrated and get himself/herself indulged in some crime to fulfil his wish. This not only happens in case of children or teenagers, sometimes two families or two business man also try to outshine each other. It will be wrong to say that increasing technology is always harmful but we can’t ignore the fact that it is also leading to numerous number of crimes. More than 70% of the crimes are done just to fulfil stupid wishes and to tell the society that we are high class people. This is all bullshit.

It will be a disregard to agree that modern lifestyle is not advantageous for us at all but every coin has two sides, so we can’t ignore the fact that it is also the basic reason for most of the crimes. Everyone has right to use new technology and try new things but it will be great for the society if it is done in a ethical manner. Adopting modern lifestyle just to outshine others will only create problems in the society. Youth has to understand that this expansion of technology is to be used for making our lives easier, not to take revenge or just to boast ourselves.

                   #wish is good but obsession is bad

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