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“Dear student , you have to write a story (Novel Writing)”- Shantanu Sir once told.

“ What’s the topic ? “- I asked with curiosity though I was naïve in the field of writing.

“Deep Water” – Shantanu Sir replied.

6 years had been passed to this simple class conversation but it was not a simple incident of my life .

“ Creativity , Content and Continuity ……. Superb. Though there are some grammatical mistakes but the way you Shivam maintain the continuity and flow in the story is genuine and interesting.”

These 3 words – Creativity, Content and Continuity , were the remarkable reward for me , a cool geek who had drowned in the world of physics and imaginations.

The short story having the title –“DEEP WATER” , was about a two poor friend , a boat that was the means of livelihood for them and antagonist contractor .It was all about how the modern development had taken away

The traditional employment of poor people .The construction of the bridge over the river Ganga by Bernard would take away the livelihood of Ali and Ram who earned money by the boating to cross the people over the river.

“It’s all about the DEEP WATER” which spins and weaves the yarn of the heart touching friendship in the shade of pestilence poverty and the rag riches of changing world in post development phase.”

Oops! I have forgotten that new , younger generations has become a lot more wider and diverse.

Now come to point. Novel writing …..Oh! my God , change the time when someone write for literary taste . The canvas of commercializations has painted the bed sheet of novel writing too , You geek!. How this possible when our lives flooded with the addicted social media , slave making gadgets and insane vanity .”

“Hahaha ! , genuine reading culture has blown off and pop culture has just blown up.”

We have new generations of fans who love and enjoy the stuffs. Go and wrote for them since they don’t cares to use their mind. It’s painstaking to use mind and senses especially for own lives.

“It’s too much .Now tell us what’s the novel writing is all about?”

“ Let hold your patience my dear friends”.

It’s common phenomenon that everyone loves the fandoms , the movies and comics or hyperventilating stud of social stuffs.

“…………..Wait and Write, Relax and Rejuvenate. Just chill and go on for fervent flavour of literary taste .Patience and perseverance hold you the geek from floundering falls and failures.”

……..     ……….     ………   ………   …………

Novel writing is long journey from concept to character and from pitch to publication . In fact it is a long term commitment. Novel vary greatly in length , but a typical first novel may be about 60,000 words. This provides you a great canvas on which you would create your original story , and most of time to drown into the characters .One can inspire the generations if he or she like this type of writing. The greatest enjoy of a novel is that you may see to spending lots of time with the people and place you have created.

“In simple way the initiating with ideas , romancing with characters , connecting with events, playing with surroundings and weaving oneself into the process of creativity are just a novel writing.”

It’s not an easy process .The main challenges comes in the path to find a set of characters, a plot and a structure that will maintain the reader’s interest for long time. It’s being awful for writers who don’t like to outline and plan their story for too far ahead. So one should be very careful in selecting a theme and the event that can sustain long narrative.

Novel writers should be a master at all aspects of fiction writing including dialogue, descriptions and action. The media play very crucial role in advertising and highlighting the author’s book to make it bestsellers. But it’s not all the time you face same experiences . Of course , every writer hopes that his/her novel will be one that catches the attention of critics , or comes in the top of bestselling charts or adopted into screenplay for famous production house.

Novel writing is typical job since once you have sold your novel to a publisher, your work is not done, You have to go for the marketing of your book. For all this go to radio or television talk show, talks to groups, use social media and so much to do.

If you tell most of the people about their favourite book or movie , usually they talk more about characters than the details of story . They remember the Jack Sparrow, Batman , Elizabeth Bennet long after they’ve forgotten the plot detail of respective stories or films.


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    Bro …carry on share some oyrs stuffs that helpsss me in increasing knowledge…

    • January 10, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      Thanks a lot bro…. Sure bro, i try to do my best efforts so that u would like and enjoy the taste of reading of new and fresh stuff.


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