Technology on Nature or , Nature on Technology

Technology on Nature or , Nature on Technology

We all are now living in a world where Technology has become more important than anything else, be it your professional or personal life it has reached everywhere. We all need to know one thing and that is ‘’ Technology advances & Nature evolves’’, but we now only know ”Technology on Nature” which is harmful for human race. When I say Nature! Yes it certainly means the whole planet we are living in, which has several organisms living, stars, sky, ocean, tree, birds and many more. But if we take a close look towards the nature, it is just nothing but a technology, which is constantly being advanced. Nature is indeed a kind of technology that is beyond the human’s mind and understanding. Nature has its own products, which we have mentioned above already.

But the one product of nature is ‘’ Life Cycle’’, which has been running for many years. This ‘’Life Cycle’’ is one such technology that humans can never ever be able to develop. Humans are good at using the natural technology; try to learn the technology and then develop their own technology, and this is basically being done to perform the tasks in a fast and even faster way. That is why the technology developed by humans creates new technology or products, and in this race we forget that we are basically taming that nature which is letting us develop the particular technology from it.

In fact we have tamed nature to a level that makes life luxurious and fulfills needs with our technology.   Hence why, this some times leaves me with a question that, is really our technology more advanced than the nature’s technology? But my answer is always NO.

Being from a place, which is surrounded by, green beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls and many natural living things, I have been seeing drastic changes in the nature. Technology being built by humans is definitely polluting the nature in such a way that will affect the human’s race in coming years, in fact it has started affecting the human’s lives. Humans may be successful in changing the environment of the planet we are living in. But as I said in the beginning ‘’Nature Evolves’’ and it certainly does evolve in its own way. Nature is highly advanced that it will find its own way to mend itself. And we should not forget this truth that, when nature begins to change its own path, may be the human race and any technology developed by humans will probably be taken to an end.

Humans have imagined taking their lives to another space in a complete different environment after the huge destruction of the earth, but are we sure that, we are advancing that faster than the nature? Are we ourselves not producing and developing such destructive technologies too faster, than the massive advancement? If we keep ourselves closer to the nature then only we realize our mistakes, but the technology would never realize it.

So next is your action, you think what you do. Now you know if  ”Technology on Nature or , Nature on Technology”.

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One thought on “Technology on Nature or , Nature on Technology

  • October 27, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    true….we all must start thinking before it gets too late….. great


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