The Mr Bean we love since our childhood

Yeeeeeah Mr Bean

“Mom, turn on the T.V. now. It is time for Mr Bean.”

“No, first finish your homework.”

“Mom, it is Mr Bean. Please mom.”

“Okay. But do finish your work later.”

Even moms knew better not to disturb children from the show ‘Mr Bean’. All the nineties kids know how exiting our evenings were eagerly waiting for the show to begin. Then we had a ‘bada’ Mr Bean and one ‘chota’ Mr Bean. As we grew up a little we understood the essence of life depicted so subtly yet easy to catch in this show. As we rose further, we started watching the ‘bada’ Mr. Bean show. Still kids back then, how much we liked watching a grown up man doing nonsense and we would laugh hysterically at it. Not just laugh but sometimes we even would declare that the man was stupid indeed and would feel so elated on figuring out that we were saner than our beloved character.

Many children would get scolded from their elders with the common taunt in reference to Mr. Bean saying, ‘You don’t have brains at all, you are just like that favourite character of yours!’ After getting such scolding we would have mixed feelings – feel insulted and somewhat happy.

Readers, yes, that character was actually played by mister Rowan Atkinson. A character so lovable and striking that every kid still knows this man as synonymous to Mr. Bean! Atkinson has around over 50 acting credits but despite this fact he’ll always be known as the absurdly rubber-faced Mr. Bean.

The phenomenal journey started back in 1990s when the show first aired on England’s ITV on January 1. Rowan began the development of the character about a decade prior to this when he was pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. He had to come up with something short and crisp of five minutes at a 48 hours’ notice. And all of us very well know how creative frustrated engineers can be given a deadline! Atkinson thinks of the character as “a child grown in a man’s body”. The character could have been named something else, after another vegetable. Initially the name was decided as Mr. White followed by consideration of ‘Mr. Cauliflower. It then finally settled at as what we know now Mr. Bean.

In the London Summer Olympics in the year 2012, Mr. Bean was presented at the opening ceremony. Finally, Rowan retired from the role in 2012.

We all know that this famous and much loved British actor is the king of physical comedy, black comedy and satire. He has also been listed as one of the funniest actors in British comedy in The Observer.

His idol and inspiration in the area comedy is the French comedian Jacques Tati. The star is not limited to have acted in only one of our favourite childhood shows. He has played parts in various other platforms including radio, other television shows, films and theatre. He was involved in some satirical interviews with famous fictional characters and this was played by Atkinson himself. His film career took fuel when he played a supporting part in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again. He has been a part of The Appointments of Dennis Jennings – a short film that won an Oscar in the year 1988. He gained popularity on the big screen with his promising roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral, and The Lion King.

He has not just been an actor but has also written quite a few series of radio shows. The man seems to be multitalented. He once took over the control of a private plane after the pilot of the plane fainted. This happened in the year 2001 when Mr. Atkinson was with his family on a trip to Kenya. He was able to fly the plane despite the fact that he had no piloting experience prior to this incident. How cool, isn’t it? As in agreement with his alter ego onscreen, the actor can actually wiggle his ears.

When nostalgia of childhood hits, it hits hard. How much the heart wants to go to YouTube and just watch a couple of Mr. Bean episodes right now!

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