What is internet marketing? Internet marketing (Also known as Online Marketing) refers to creation or formation of market for a product or a service on the internet. Internet means a global network providing variety of services and information connecting various people around the world and marketing refers to creation or formation of market for selling a product or a service, so combining the two, Internet marketing means marketing of a product or a service online so as to increase the sales or distribution of products and services of various brands and companies. Marketing using web services can be the other definition of internet marketing.

Basically online marketing was started with the launch of various social media applications like Face book, what’s app, Hike Etc. Marketing managers saw an easy platform to increase the market size for their products and services. Earlier marketing managers used to depend upon various offline marketing and selling techniques like door to door selling, marketing through various advertisements by Super stars.

How internet marketing? Internet marketing is any kind of marketing which is done with the involvement of internet network. One basic method for internet marketing is broadcasting of a message showing the details of the product or service including its price details through Email, resulting in marketing of a product or service to billions of users within a single click. Publishing the brochures of products and services on company’s website is another way of internet marketing followed by selling the products and services online through various e-commerce sites like, etc. Publishing of prices and designs of products on various social media websites like Face book, INSTAGRAM Etc. Leads to another method of Internet or online marketing for example we see Advertisements of various products like shoes, clothing products, Watches, cases of various smart phones Etc. Whenever we login into our account on these sites. Moreover whenever we search something on the web, we see lots and lots of advertisements of various things on our page, also falls under the category of internet marketing. Now the question arises that what can be marketed? The answer is very simple that everything in this world can be marketed. From a needle to an Aeroplane, from an Animal to a human being, everything can be marketed online. On the evolution of Social media and internet, it was seen that internet can be used to exchange information throughout the world, but in today’s world even political parties use internet marketing to influence the minds of people especially social media.

Why Internet marketing? Internet marketing is the most convenient method to market the products and services because it is time saving and the information reaches to millions and billions of people sitting around the world within a single click or touch. Secondly whenever the company advertises its products, the feedback from the market is very important for a company, which is very less in offline marketing because generally people ignore the advertisements unless and until it is way too attractive. But in case of online marketing 90% of the people see the advertisements and even react to it, so there is an instant response of the advertisement and that too is positive, which is why the scope of internet marketing professionals or companies have drastically increased. Firms easily get to know about the faults or negative elements in their products and action can be taken timely. E-commerce especially has given a boost to the internet marketing industry. Internet marketing is a cost saving technique for increase in sales of products and services because we all know that firms spent an ample amount of money on offline marketing as there are number of things to be kept in mind while preparing the set up for the advertisement, But in online marketing, nothing huge has to be done. Online marketing is the cheapest source of marketing these days.

In today’s world of digitalisation, The scope of internet marketing and  its importance has increased in the everywhere. Especially the start-up companies are now extensively going towards the digital marketing because of the limited funds available with them. “Maximum advantage with minimum cost” is what internet marketing is providing us these days. Moreover lots and lots of internship and job opportunities have been provided by internet marketing, so as to increase the involvement of individuals in this field. The scope of internet marketing has widened now and it will not be shocking to say that internet marketing will soon take over the place of offline marketing.

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