Water the necessity of human’s body

“Hey, Water!”

“Hi, Human! You finally remembered me, eh?”

“Yeah man! Your deficiency has been causing me trouble now.”

“Run away from me and you run far from good health.”

So, is water really that important to our body? You’d say yes. Right from our childhood we have been told that it is the elixir for all the life forms present. We know that we can not survive in its absence. But, do we know how important it is for our bodies? Is there a defined way to measure the degree of its importance in its role in keeping us healthy? It is hard to tell. Ah! Let us be optimistic. Let us really try to find out the degree of its importance.

The basic units of human body, that are cells, need it to function. All the systems of the body require water for proper and effective functioning. From controlling the temperature of the body to maintaining healthy digestion in the system, it has some role to play in every bodily function, after all our body is 70% water.

Human body needs supply of sufficient amount of water at regular intervals to carry out all the functions properly. This continuous supply at regular intervals is required because of the continuous loss of it from the body mainly in the form of sweat, urine, stool and also while breathing. If a person does not drink enough it then he/she suffers from dehydration. The early signs of dehydration are feeling thirsty and passing dark urine. This obviously occurs when the body starts losing more fluids as compared to the quantity of intake of fluids. When its level in the body decreases, one may feel dizzy or even fall unconscious.

Intake of it in the body is not enough, it is also important to make sure that the water being drunk is safe. It is required to get an efficient water purifier in today’s era of highly contaminated natural resources. Gulping down contaminated water can cause various diseases including cholera, dysentery, intestinal worms, diarrhoea and many more. “Water everywhere”, only some drops to drink!

There are various benefits of drinking water. The most appealing of all is that it helps in achieving glowing skin; vanity, as it is said, is appealing to humans and makes them do wonders. It maintains proper balance of body fluids. It is required by the salivary gland in the formation of saliva. It is a key element required for circulation of nutrients in the entire body. Drinking ample amount of water can also help keeping one in shape as drinking plenty of water will automatically cut the intake of high calorie food items. The prime toxin in human circulatory system is blood urea nitrogen. This toxin is soluble in water and the kidneys are able to filter this toxin out in the presence of it. The problem of constipation can also be solved by drinking enough water as it keeps the bowel regulated. Adequate amount of hydration keeps the flow through the gastrointestinal tract proper. And there are plenty and plenty of more benefits.

How to be able to increase the water intake? There are some steps simple enough listed below:

  1. Have some beverage (fluid) with every meal you have.
  2. Always keep a bottle full of water on your desk, preferably a transparent bottle so that seeing the water reminds you of drinking it.
  3. Have other food items rich in liquid content. This may include fruits like watermelon et cetera.
  4. Keep a daily target of drinking at least 2.5 litres daily.
  5. If your busy schedule often makes you forget drinking water at regular intervals, do not worry. There are special mobile applications for maintaining health and fitness that come with the option of keeping reminders for healthy habits.

Once you start following these small steps towards a healthy lifestyle you will feel the difference. Inculcate these tiny habits in your everyday life and you are good to go.

Now go and gulp a glass down, thank the writer later!

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