Wings of wishes:

I wish to feel the freedom of clouds

       Wondered alone on the list of sky

Shaping vivid images, adorable & astonishing

       Overbrim with vernal thoughts & imaginations

                   Reflect when water shimmered & gentle breeze swept  

       With light heart change into drops of drizzle

       Invigorating the vast verdant with thrilling thunder

       Teeming the terra with pure & peaceful aura”

The Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur ,Meghalaya ,Assam ,Mizoram , Tripura ,and Nagaland collectively known as “THE LAND OF SEVEN SISTERS “.Sometimes its being glad to be away from the crowds and chaos to find the serene peace and joy and feel the wings of wishes.On the way to North-Eastern states of India I realized one thing –“ how small my life and wishes are , which confined in the boundaries of mundane pleasures. In the rat race of 21st century the stunning innovations , piles of paid news and addicted virtual world of social media have flooded our lives with stuffs and paralyzed our senses , mind and heart. Somewhere at some point one can realize how small being our world and there’s vague voids and obmutescence in our lives.


From Guwahate – “ Gateway to Seven Sisters “ to rock capital – “ Shillong”   , I observed the picturesque beauty full of green aura , and the clouds spread over on the heads of hills of Khasi.A few hours distance from Shillong I reached the Mawsynramth– spot the one horned rhinos and many endangered species of animals in the Kaziranga National Park.


The darkness of night has being much amazing than the light of the day in the rock capital city of Meghalay.One can clearly count the stars on the list of sky through his/her naked eyes. The sky being so gleam and shinning with full of flickering stars , so near and clear. And my wishes rejuvenate my thoughts to say-


“I wish to shine like the star

At the top of zenith , very far

Debackle the darkness draped over destiny

Enamoured eyes watching wistly

Wonder to world & winsome to world

Abloom in the doom & gloom, kindle skies

Ubiquitous, unkempt , unfettered with surpass spark

                 Curosity of millins of heart with rising palpitation.”


I went on to reach Kohima –Kudos Kurtle –Gateway To Myanmar.

The road I travelled , the people I met , the food I ate from street shops and the HORNBILL FESTIVAL I enjoyed that held annually in the December , the camaraderie of cultural tribes I felt – all these things made me dazzled that how this heaven untouched and unseen from the heart of our people. The capital of Nagaland cuddle in the hills .

The DOYANG   river flowing through creeks and embracing many hill steams, has filled my veins and lungs with fresh air and rejuvenate all my thoughts to wish for—


                 “ I wish to flow like the river

                 Debonair as the jewel on head of mountain

With fervid flow breaking silence of deep dale

Freely moves beyond the limit of boundaries

Paving the path from impassable abyss.

Taste the turmoil tease of rocks & thorns

Adopt according to aura , austerity is altruism

Enfold the sea & ocean with overwhelm heart.”


The Seven Sisters are the paradise destination for the adventurous sports . Scuba diving , snorkeling, ballooning , paragliding etc. are the well known adventurous sports .The traditional sports such as Rock climbing , trekking and Jalliakattu forced the flow of adrenaline in the blood. I began enjoying cool wind whacked on my face , when first time I had done paragliding and i certainly felt wings of wishes. My heart was thumping loud and loud , my mind was blowing with thrills and fears, and all I realised to bath in the soft , cold and piercing air of the sky.

“Thus the adventure with upheaval challenges in the list of sky gave me loving kiss though I knew all the wonders would worn out , and playing have frisky risk .At last I said with brimming thoughts –

“I wish to blow like the wind .

Swaying the flowers , spreading the nectar smell

Pretty stubborn like a little child

Unbridled , collapsing with pinnacle cloud & mountain

Breathtaking & daunting when appears in real rage

Wake the ocean , sea & world from lasting sleep

Romancing as passing with ponytail of beautiful girl

Lift the forelocks on the zenith , romancing moments”

Spreading my wings of wishes wider to have myself covered and only wish to travel the places i find eternal piece.

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