‘’Your inner voice is your success’’

‘’Your inner voice is your success’’

You have taken birth on this green earth of god, where god opens the door for those who never quit, so why should you spend your life in regretting for the things you have done or haven’t by Wondering about the people you admire, cursing your family and parents for such rough life.

Life is given to everyone and, so is the destiny. Few people fail to meet their destiny because they quit, but the real truth is, that the winner is the one who falls 7 times and gets up at the eighth even stronger. God has given us all this life, and god certainly has something special to give us, only if we are willing to take that special gift.

Success’s first step is your ‘’Inner Voice’’. To some their inner voice is so intense that takes them to the heights if heard at the right time, whereas to some it is too loud to be ignored. The reality is, when you listen to your inner voice it takes you to the right direction, because it comes from the heart and like everyone knows our hearts are connected to the one who gave us this birth ‘’GOD’’.

If you pay  close attention to this inner voice of yours, then you will surely come to know what it says, and you will eventually do what it says. The voices within us always tell us to do something:

If you cannot run then walk, if can’t walk then crawl but move ahead:

We all admire some of those successful people, but they are no different than us. We are all made up of the same soil and by the same creator. But the only difference is that these people chose to move forward and took some risks, they never feared failure instead they were and are always ready to face their next day without being worried for the outcome.

That is something, which never stopped them in achieving what they have, because they at least chose to move forward.You know there is something about moving further, that it keeps reminding you of what you have got to achieve. Once you gain the momentum and increase the speed of moving further you begin to learn some essential lessons of the success, like a baby who learns from toddling to walk.Once the speed of moving ahead is being increased wisely, the fear of failure brushes off, courage gets built up, and winning becomes the air that you breathe in. So lace up your shoes and let’s begin to walk now.

Decide to start off:

Let’s begin with the most essential part of the success ‘’ Start Off’’, most of the people end up procrastinating their actions because of the less sources, funds & the right time. Doing so will in fact kick you back off. But if you are a winner and want to be successful, then you should begin with what you have and begin it right now, because there is no better time than now and there are no better sources than what you have now. You never know if you will have this time and the same sources tomorrow or not, so go ahead and give it a shot and see the magic.

Do it your way:

When you are on to something, you will come across many opinions from different people. But you should do what you feel is right for you. Most of us sometimes do not trust our selves; instead we hold on to someone else’s advice and go according to what they say. But is it not strange? It is your dream and you are going to live it with somebody else’s opinion.

You dream of something because it has to be fulfilled by you, and you should perform every possible action to make it come true. Your dreams are reflection of your thoughts; hence why whatever you think can be achieved. Just have faith in your self because you are the only one who knows yourself better than anyone else. Make your own decisions and follow your dreams. Your success lies in the decision you make today, so think of your own way of achieving your dreams and begin to live your dream.

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5 thoughts on “‘’Your inner voice is your success’’

  • November 4, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    amazing….. it is totally an inspiration for many like me… :*

  • November 4, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Alot to think about…

  • November 7, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Dats correct……our inner voice is our strength as well as our success……


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